Automated Billing Integration Channels

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As a Lotame’s client using the Data Marketplace Buyer or PDX Seller capabilities, we offer automated billing support with the following activation channels: 

  1. The Trade Desk: More info

  2. Google Marketing Platform (DV-360 / GAM): More info

  3. Amazon DSP: More info

  4. Xandr: More info

  5. Adobe Advertising Cloud (TubeMogul)

  6. MediaMath (NEW!)

  7. Adform: More info



  • All channels accept USD CPMs for the Syndicate exports. 

  • Google Marketing Platform and Amazon DSP offer multiple currency support for exports


  1. Adobe Advertising Cloud (fka TubeMogul)

  • Here the user enters the Adobe Advertising Cloud Account Token and the CPM

  • NOTE: The user has to do the currency conversion to the appropriate currency as the value of CPM will be accepted by Adobe in the respective currency of the Buyer.

  • Example: If you are exporting an Audience to a UK based Adobe account and enter the value of CPM as 1.5, the export from Adobe’s side will occur at £1.5 (GBP) and NOT $1.5 (USD)

  • Note: Audiences can only be activated to one Adobe Ad Cloud account. If you want to sell the same audience to multiple Adobe Ad Cloud accounts, please copy the audience in the Lotame platform and set up another activation/sale.

  1. MediaMath
  • MediaMath is the newest of our Syndicate channels offerings. Here you will have to add Buyer details. Here you can add the details of the Buyer and CPM to complete the export. 

  • This channel only supports exports in USD.

  • Buyer Details include:

    • MediaMath account ID

    • Entity Type of the account ID: Organization, Agency OR Advertiser

    • Descriptive Name for the Audience export

  • In order to use the MediaMath Syndicate channel, you would have to send an email to <taxonomyrequest@mediamath.com> in order to grant permission for Lotame to export audiences on behalf of you. 

  • The email should include Lotame’s Vendor ID: 774 and it should say that you(the client) would like to grant permission to Lotame_Data_Org (101700) to export audiences to your MediaMath Organization ID <client_org_ID>

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