Xandr(App Nexus) - Automated Billing Channel

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  1. Select the "Sell" navigation tab in the Lotame platform

  2. Select "Xandr" 

  3. Select a CPM from the dropdown and enable activation

  4. Click "Add Buyer" and enter their Xandr Buyer Member ID

    • Note - If you get an error, this could be due to:

      • Buyer Member ID does not exist

      • Buyer Member has not added "Lotame" as a "Data Provider"

        • Within Xandr, buyer should navigate to "Network > Segments" and click "Add Data Provider," adding Lotame to their list. More information can be found here : Appnexus (now Xandr)- Add Data Provider (External Link)


  • Xandr keeps 20% of revenue earned

  • Audience can be sold to multiple buyers at once

  • A single audience can only have one CPM at a time

    • You may change the CPM, but you must first remove all buyers from the audience

  • You must remove all buyers from an audience before you can deactivate the activation

  • Audiences sent to Xandr cannot be applied to PMP deals

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