Case Study: CtrlShift - Marketing Solutions Co. Increases Conversions by 36% and Decreases CPA 92%

CtrlShift, is a leading Southeast Asian audience-focused marketing solutions company that helps guide clients through the digital ecosystem, using tools to turn data into results using their skills and experience.

CtrlShift's objective is prospecting new clients and showing their value to existing clients by improving campaign performances. CtrlShift evaluates and organizes client data in order to target and retarget the client's core audiences in order to improve upon KPIs. By using Lotame’s Data Collection Tag, CtrlShift is able to collect data from their clients' websites, allowing them to build in-depth profiles on their clients' consumers. They can then remarket to these consumers via Lotame Audience Builder to improve campaign performance against their clients' KPIs (increasing conversion rates and lowering CPA).

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