Case Study: KPEX - Reaches 81% of Kiwis Online with the Lotame Platform

The unique parent/child account architecture in Lotame's platform allowed KPEX to keep each publisher's data separate in its own taxonomy while also combining it for one overall view of the total consortium data available. This feature today is not available from any other Audience Management Platforms.

Kiwi Premium Advertising Exchange (KPEX) is a New Zealand advertising exchange established in joint partnership by Stuff, MediaWorks, NZME and TVNZ. Because each individual member had its own data, KPEX needed to be able to ingest data from all their publisher partners for the purposes of building a KPEX audience product. To be able to service the consortium model, they needed to be able to work with the data from each publisher individually, as well as at an aggregated level. Once the data was collected and organized, they wanted to provide accurate and timely reporting to the publisher partners in terms of contribution and revenue. KPEX is pursuing a long term strategy to connect with data partners locally and internationally to enrich their own audience segments but also enable the trading of data within and between markets.

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