Enabling Lotame Panorama ID™ via Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace (CxM)


Identity is essential in today’s digital advertising ecosystem. Lotame Panorama ID is now available to publishers via Amazon’s Connections Marketplace. Our predictive solution enables Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM) and Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) customers to reach more consumers with the first global, people-based, privacy-first identifier for the open web. Lotame Panorama ID is interoperable across platforms, devices, and other IDs for the greatest scale and impact. Details on enabling Lotame Panorama ID via Connections Marketplace are found in this article. 

What is the APS Connections Marketplace?

Connections Marketplace is a services marketplace where publishers can easily review and test with vendors across key categories, with no development work required. Connections Marketplace features vendors that can help publishers improve their ad stack and user experience.

What is the value of enabling Lotame Panorama ID on bids through APS?

Publishers can reclaim their revenue with Lotame Panorama ID and more:

  • Unify valuable inventory across domains and devices

  • Instantly increase CPMs, yield, and monetization across cookie-restricted inventory

  • Surface and sell data-driven audiences that marketers want — no 3rd-party cookies required

  • Drive more revenue across direct and programmatic channels

  • Have the confidence consumer choices are respected 

  • Easy, free setup — no contract required

  • Unlock new revenue sources

  • Improve match rate 

  • Support marketer use cases

How do I access APS Connections Marketplace?

Current APS publishers can access Connections Marketplace through the APS portal.
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Should I enable Panorama ID via Connections Marketplace if I’ve already deployed the ID elsewhere? 

Whether you deployed Panorama ID via Prebid, Google ESP, a header bidder service, or direct, we recommend you also enable it via Connections Marketplace to maximize benefits. 

Current APS publishers can access Connections Marketplace through the APS portal.
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How do I enable Lotame Panorama ID via Connections Marketplace? 

Deploy Panorama ID in five easy steps—no development work required. 

  1. Once logged into the APS portal, navigate to the “Connections Marketplace.” In the vendor directory, navigate to “Explore Services:” 


  2. Under “Advertiser Identity” select “View Details” on the Lotame Tile: 


  3. Within Lotame’s vendor listing, ensure you’ve read and accepted Lotame’s Terms & Conditions then select “Get Started:”


  4. You will need to submit a few details to your APS team about your company and tech to get your integration started (Example: Channel Partners, Product-UAM, TAM). Finally, add Lotame Panorama ID as an approved vendor to your Consent Management Platform:


  5. Your Service Begins! You are now Panorama ID-enabled and can start taking advantage of your cookieless inventory today!

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to your dedicated CSM or the Lotame Panorama ID team at PanoramaID-APS@Lotame.com.