How to Implement the Lotame User ID Module in Magnite

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Magnite is a leading independent sell-side ad platform.



Magnite’s Prebid-as-a-service solution makes it easy for large publishers to deploy and control custom header bidding implementations without writing code. The combination of an intuitive UI and on-demand support from our Prebid and yield management experts enables publishers to make faster decisions and potentially capture more revenue. This solution supports display and video ads across desktop and mobile app environments via Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile and Prebid Server. 

For technical support of your Magnite installation and Demand Manager please contact@magnite.com directly.

For instructions on how to build custom from source and use the Prebid.org’s web based build tool see the article How to Build Prebid From Source to Include The Lotame Panorama User ID Module



There are two paths to enable an Identity Provider within Demand Manager

Path 1: Add an Identity Module to all Wrappers

  1. Navigate to Demand Manager within your DV+ Account

  2. Navigate to the "Control Center" Tab

  3. Toggle ON "Auto add to Wrapper"  (This will add an Identity Module to newly created Wrappers only)

  4. Toggle ON "Magnite_Defaults"


If you do not see the Identity Module within your account: 


6. Click "Manage" under "Control Center Identity Subsection" 

7. Locate "Lotame Panorama" and Toggle ON "Include in Account" and "Auto Add to Wrapper"


Path 2: Add at the Wrapper Level or update existing wrappers

  1. Navigate to Demand Manager within your DV+ Account

  2. Navigate to "Wrapper Mgmt" and select "Wrapper Config"   

  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit your Wrapper

  4. Scroll to "User ID Module"

  5. Click "Add a User ID Provider" 

  6. Select "Lotame Panorama" from the dropdown

  7. Check that "Lotame Panorama" and "Magnite 'Defaults" are displayed

  8. Save your wrapper settings


For technical support of your Magnite installation please contact@magnite.com directly.


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