Instructions for SSPs Adopting the Panorama ID in the Bidstream


SSPs looking to accept the Lotame Panorama ID in the bidstream from prebid and User ID module enabled publishers can take advantage of this capability easily. Find the details in this article.

The Panorama ID is free to use—it does not require the publisher or the SSP to pay to use it. It is NOT encrypted and doesn't need a translation or envelope service. The same ID per individual is preserved across all platforms and services. 

The Lotame Panorama ID will be identified as:


The Panorama ID is already supported by almost thirty members of the group.

As an SSP you may:

1. Look for and accept the 64 character unencrypted Panorama ID in the EID array being passed from client side prebid implementations thanks to the Lotame User ID module  


2. Simply accept all User IDs passed from prebid. This is the most common method that participating SSPs use when accepting IDs from all the leading prebid approved providers. See official list of SSP adaptors and their ID acceptance status