This article contains a comprehensive overview of the batch method to deliver data to Spherical, Lotame's platform, including the mechanisms, file types, and specifications for file formats. This will allow you to deliver audience data tied to selected userIDs collected by your systems or servers. Additionally, you may optionally enhance the data, including behavior recency, userID sightings data, country code, and more.  

Required Steps

The main components of Lotame’s Inbound Batch process include:

  1. Determining the mechanism for Spherical to pick up your files. Supported options are AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or sFTP. See our supported file transfer article for complete details.

  2. Determining which option to use for updating your data: Comprehensive or Delta

    1. Lotame supports receiving files containing the full data set (comprehensive) or only the changes (deltas) from the prior file.

      1. Comprehensive files each day contain every segment for each ID in the file.

      2. Delta files contain only segments added or removed from the ID since the prior file.

    2. Please discuss with your Lotame Technical Account Manager options which file type works best for your integration.

  3. Creating the three required files in the proper formats. See our complete details in the file format specifications article.

Note: Delta file types require a periodic comprehensive file sent to ensure our segments are not disconnected. The default is 30 days, but you can work with your Lotame Technical Account Manager to decide a different timeframe for your business needs.

Common Use-Cases

Lotame supports a variety of data ingestion styles to best support your business. Below are links to some of our most common use cases.